Current Bathroom Trends from Dansani

When you choose and fit a new bathroom, you have settled on something that you wish to live with for many years. But this does not mean that you cannot adjust your bathroom with the ever-changing bathroom trends in the homeware and interior industry. Dansani offer a timeless design that can be updated to always fit the current bathroom trends. Dansani take inspiration for their different ranges from all corners of the world as well current styles in various interior and exterior trends, here are just a few.

Nordic Cool

Whether it is in the food, fashion or design industry, Nordic countries are all the rage at the moment with their light, timeless expression integrated with perfect functionality. The focus is on craftsmanship to keep that human touch rather than making way to technology in an ever-evolving tech savvy world. Natural tones and soft, indirect lighting are used across the Dansani range to portray the Nordic tones and beauty.

Wood & Structure

Another big part of Nordic culture is using visible wooden elements in various tones. Of late bathrooms trends have slowly been turning more sterile with white, grey and black tones. Dansani bring back that natural look in their furniture with wood taking back the centre stage, giving your bathroom a light textured feel.

Varied Play of Colours

Following on from the lack of colour in current bathroom design, Dansani are trying to re-instate the idea of having colour in your bathroom. By using subtle pastel tones set of with contrasting brassware fittings your bathroom can move away from the standard white, grey and black tones. These natural pastel colours can be used in cool or warm tones to bring that touch of personality to your bathroom without being brash.

Metallic Surfaces

The bathroom industry is moving away from the idea that surfaces and fittings need to conform to a colour scheme of stainless steel, chromes or brass finishes. More and more frequently we are seeing painted metal appear, with mainly matt black and white finishes. These colours can be used to bring a retro or industrial feel to the bathroom and can really set off wooden or gloss cabinets and ceramics.

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