Benefits of a Filtered Water Tap

Filtered water taps are quickly becoming a standard feature in most modern kitchens. With the ability to transform standard tap water into clean, filtered drinking water due to their high-performance filters. These filters remove chlorine and dissolved metals, as well as reducing the levels of calcium in the water, improving the taste and prolonging the life of kettles and steam irons.

As the filtered water cannot be distinguished from bottled mineral water, the cost savings can be huge, as there is no longer a need to purchase bottled water from the supermarket. This also then leads to a reduction in waste and helps the environment as it avoids the disposal of endless plastic bottles.

Filtered water taps work by having two independent waterways, once for filtered water and one for unfiltered water. Special hoses ensure that once the water has been filtered, it can never come into contact with anything that can affect its taste. Therefore, ensuring that you have pure, fresh tasting water each and every time that you use the tap.


We supply filtered water taps from brands such as: Grohe, Abode & Clearwater

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