Smart Showers From Aqualisa Explained

Recently you may have started to hear more about smart showering and smart shower products, but what is a smart shower you ask? Here is a quick breakdown of how smart showers work and why you may benefit from installing one.

Total Control

All Aqualisa smart shower come with a remote and have a temperature ready indicator. This means you can operate your shower remotely and will know when it has warmed to your set temperature, saving you getting a cold wet arm! You also have the ability to divert the flow to a second outlet meaning you have complete control, so nothing can spoil your perfect shower.

Thermostatic Precision

The temperature of the water passing through your shower is measured ten times per second by the thermostatic mixing technology. When the temperature is changed you will see the shower control flashing, this means that it is adjusting to the new temperature. When the light is stable again you will know that it has reached the precise temperature set.

Flow & Divert

Aqualisa use precision technology to ensures that a consistent flow of water is always passing through your shower. There are a wide range of flow options and designs to choose from, so how you control it is up to you! To change whether the water flows through a handset, drencher or bath simply push and hold the button or select the required option on your remote.

Timing & Water Saving

We all know that time in the shower is precious and we can often get full immersed in the experience! With the Aqualisa smart showers you can set a timer up to twenty minutes that will count down from your set time, reminding you when the shower is about to end. The amount of water being used during a shower is always a concern, with the smart technology used in the Aqualisa showers, no longer do you need to worry! As you step away from the shower, the flow is reduced. As you step back under again the flow resumes as normal.

Smart Bathing

Not only do Aqualisa specialise in smart showering, but smart bathing too! If you are installing a new bath, make sure it is a smart one. Once started the bath will fill to the level and temperature that you set and stop once at the required temperature and level. Gone are the days of having the check the temperature of your bath frequently and worrying about overflowing. Great for your family, and great for you!

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